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writer and a blogger. cherish to learn and explore new things. Love to travel around the world . Fitness, beauty, and food are my favorite topics .

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Weight loss is a Universal Problem now. Two important things are necessary for the Weight loss Journey. We are doing two big mistakes, first, we are taking extra Calories than our body needs then these extra Calories make our body fat hence we are overweight. Secondly, we are not doing any physical activity or exercise and do not burn calories like we are gaining it.

Except in some cases where there are some underline conditions or medications or Hormonal imbalance which leads to weight gain so for this we need to consult medical advice or professional help to lose weight…

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It was a sunny afternoon on Sunday, 2nd September 2018. I will never forget that day in my whole life as me and my whole family survived a big disaster with the blessing of GOD. Imagine your house is burning in front of you and you are so helpless that you can’t do anything to save your own house. You are losing everything, your rooms, your clothes, your furniture, your gold, and the list goes on. You are very frightened and have no idea what to do and where to go.

Our house is a double-story bungalow where 3 families…

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Running in a forest mindlessly in a dark pitch-black night, the creaking of leaves and her panting were the only sounds Elena could hear. She needed to stop running, her legs were aching and her heart was pounding ready to get out of her chest, as she was running for so long. Leaning on a tree, Elena started thinking about where it all started.

Elena and her family of five came to a camping site to enjoy their weekend while watching the astonishing view of the forest surrounding them. Gazing at the beautiful sight, she was overwhelmed to see such…

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Drowning in the hot summer sun, I was impatiently waiting for a taxi to get back home before my mother decides to blow up my phone with her continuous calls. It was mid-June, and the sun was a blazing fire, making everyone walking on the street drown in their sweat. I was in a hurry, wanting to get away from the sun as soon as possible as I hastily moved my legs. A matte black car finally stopped in front of me, but due to my restless state, I instantly sat inside without noticing the lack of a taxi sign…

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It is difficult to defined pure love because everyone has a different perception of love. You may get confused between lust, attraction, and friendship. However true love can be summarized as a feeling of deep affection for someone or something. Love is a strong feeling of attraction that develops over time as you get to know the other person inside and out. Here are some tips which help you to understand the true meaning of love in a relationship.

Trust Your Partner

It takes time to build a strong and loving relationship with your partner. It is not built in a day or…

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Freelancing means that you can work at any time, at any place, as per your comfort. The concept of freelancing is different from a traditional job because it gives you the freedom to be your own boss rather than being employed by someone.

It is better than any other job because it gives you the freedom of time and there is no need to follow a formal working environment but hard work, self-examination, and dedication are some of the most important factors in becoming a successful freelancer. Freelancing may sound easy but it’s no less than science. …

Our Second Day In Kashmir

Beautiful View of Ratti Gali Lake

One of the most famous lakes of Neelum Valley is the Ratti Gali lake. It stands out among the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. So we all woke up early in the morning in the excitement of visiting the most beautiful part of Kashmir. We boarded four jeeps for that purpose. Roads were so bumpy and dangerous but the sight scenes from the jeep’s window were worth capturing. In the whole route, we feel like the Neelum river was flowing with us with all its beauty. …

Breathtaking view of Kashmir

Last year when the pandemic was at its peak, the schools and the business activities were closed, we were exhausted staying at home for a long time, so when the pandemic situation became controlled in our country my family made a plan to visit a piece of heaven on earth, that is Kashmir. It was my dream for many years to visit the valley of Kashmir. We had a total of 15 days of vacation so we wanted to avail most of it. …

The human body is built to move and you can see evidence of that in the way God structured it. We have 360 joints and about 700 skeletal muscles inside us, which want us to move.

Our blood circulation depends on us moving around to be able to circulate properly. Our nerve cells get benefit from our body movement, and our skin is elastic, which means that it also needs movement. So if every inch of the body is ready and waiting for you to move, so what stops you to don’t move!.

Importance Of Workout

For starting something new in your life…

Mehwish Amir Lakhani

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